Facility Rules & Security

Age Requirements

Age requirements vary by event.  Promoters lease the Alamodome and set age limitations and ticket requirements for entering the facility. Check the event description for details.

Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverages may be served within the facilities during certain events.

The event promoter is responsible for security comprised of off-duty San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) officers at any event in which alcohol is being served or sold.

 (Bring Your Own Bottle) functions are not permitted in the facility.

The service or sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited by law.  We ID every time.  Any concerns regarding alcohol outside of these parameters need to be addressed directly with the alcohol provider.


Service Animals, as covered by the ADA, are always welcome at the Alamodome.

With the exception of service assistance animals and animals participating in contracted events, such as dog, cat or cattle shows, animals for the purpose of exhibition are not permitted in the facilities without prior written approval.

When an approved display includes pens or enclosures containing live animals, the following minimal provisions must be made:

  • Use of a protective coating (i.e. plastic) to protect floors, columns, and any facility equipment
  • Use of some type of absorbent (i.e. saw dust or fire retardant wood shavings) within the pens and around columns
  • Provision of curbing or bike rack to contain animals
  • Supervision of animals at all times
  • Clean-up and proper disposal of absorbents and waste

Additionally, in accordance with state and San Antonio Metropolitan Health District guidelines, animals are not permitted within fifty (50) feet of any food service preparation or service area, except for assistance dogs.

An inspection of animal health and safety is required when animals are part of an event taking place at the Alamodome. The inspection will be completed by a City of San Antonio veterinarian.  


ATMs are located inside the Alamodome, on the North Field level at the bottom of the escalator, on the North Plaza at section 103, East Plaza at section 112 and West Plaza at section 134, and South Plaza at section 121. ATMs are located on Club Level sections 205, 219, and 240 as well as on the Upper Level at section 301. These machines only dispense cash and do not handle any other type of banking transaction.


The Alamodome strives to create a very positive environment for all guests. All guests entering the Alamodome must wear a shirt and shoes for their safety. Guests wearing obscene, offensive or indecent clothing will not be permitted to enter. Alamodome reserves the right to determine what clothing is obscene, offensive or indecent without any liability.

Backpacks and Large Bags

Backpacks are not allowed into the Alamodome. Please review the Alamodome Clear Bag Policy.



Box Office Hours

The Alamodome Box Office is a walk-up service only. All telephone and online orders should be made through Ticketmaster. ‘Will Call’ tickets can be picked up on the day of the event at the northeast box office ticket windows.

The Southwest Box Office is open on a daily basis. Hours of operation are:

Monday - Friday: 10AM to 5PM

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Major Holidays: Closed

Event Days:

On event days, the box office typically opens at least two hours before the event. Hours may vary based on projected ticket sales and/or promoter requests. The Box Office accepts cash and most major credit cards. Checks are not accepted.

Business Hours

Administrative Office: 7:45AM - 4:30PM (M-F).

Box Office: 10AM-5PM, (M-F).

Event Hours: Vary by Event Date.

Additional Information can be found at www.alamodome.com or (210) 207-3625.

Camera Policy

The permitted use of still cameras varies by event. Our staff will enforce the guidelines set forth by the event promoter.

Generally speaking, small personal cameras are allowed. Professional cameras, any camera with interchangeable lenses or any camera with a fixed lens four inches (4”) or larger are not permitted. Camera bags are not allowed. 

Tripods, monopods and selfie sticks are not allowed into the facility.


Contact Information


Phone: (210) 207-3663

Email: domeinfo@alamodome.com

Guests needing assistance or information during an event, can text the keyword ALAMO to 69050 with their request and location. By using the event day text messaging service, guests are able to report issues and concerns, ask for information and call for assistance in a fast, easy and convenient way.  Text messages are received by a stadium representative and the appropriate assistance is dispatched.


Disabled Services

Wheelchair escorts are provided through Guest Services located at the main entrances for every event. 

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Areas

The ride share drop-off and pick-up zone is available for quick access in Lot D located at Tower of the America’s Way (southbound I-37 access road) between Montana and César E. Chávez Blvd.

Ride Share Zone Address:
500 Tower of Americas Way
San Antonio, TX 78205

Drop-off and Pick-up at this location is the safest and quickest area for ride share, taxis, and limo access. There is a pedestrian walkway that leads directly from this location to the security checkpoint on the North Plaza of the Alamodome, Access Control Point (ACP A).

Download or print directions to Alamodome Lots (PDF Document).


Elevators are located in North, East, West and South areas with priority for the disabled.

All elevators offer service from ground level to the 300 Level.

First Aid

Medical stations are available during all events.

Locations: Plaza level - Section 112, 134, Club level – Section 205, 227 (when applicable), Upper level – 307 and 331 (when applicable)

Food and Beverage

Outside Food and Beverages are not allowed into the Alamodome with the exception of baby formula or diabetic diet specific small snacks.

Food, Water and other beverages are available for purchase from our concession partners. 

Guest Conduct

The Alamodome team is committed to providing a memorable event day experience for all guests. With that goal in mind, we have developed a Guest Code of Conduct which all are expected to follow. We ask all guests to assist in creating an enjoyable and safe environment by:

  • Respecting each other as well as our team members
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner
  • Refraining from fighting, throwing items or using foul/abusive language or gestures
  • Not displaying indecent messages on clothing
  • Not creating a disruption to the progress of the event by their actions
  • Showing their ticket when requested and only sitting in their ticketed seat
  • Following instructions from team members regarding stadium operations and emergency procedures
  • Allowing each other to be free to support their team or entertainer while remaining respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons, referees, opposing team fans and players

Stadium team members have been trained and instructed to take necessary actions to ensure the above expectations are enforced. Guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest Guest or Safety Services Representative, any Guest Services Booth or through our text messaging service. Guests should address the text message to 69050 and type the word Alamo followed by the request and location.

Lost and Found

During event hours, lost and found is located at the North Information Booth on the North Plaza. Depending on the size of the event, an additional Lost and Found location may be located at the South Information booth on the South Plaza. After show hours, all lost and found items will be taken to the Alamodome security offices. To inquire about a lost item or to report a found item, please call (210) 207-3680.

Lost Children

Lost children should contact the nearest Alamodome staff member. All lost children will be taken to Guest Services at the North Plaza Entrance.

Merchandise Stands

Merchandise stands are located throughout the stadium.  All points of sale accept every major credit and debit card.

Meet and Greets

Meet and Greet events are coordinated by the event promoter. Please check with your ticketing agent for arrival time and meeting locations.

Meeting Rooms

To book our meeting rooms for your special event, please call 210-207-3650.

Open Carry Policy

The carrying of weapons is prohibited at all high school, collegiate and professional sporting events as well as interscholastic events held at the Alamodome.

Opening Time

Doors open one (1) hour prior to the start time of an event.  Stadium operating times may be adjusted on an event-by-event basis.


  • Parking rates are determined on an event-by-event basis. Please check our website's information page for the established parking rate and Alamodome lots available for that show date.
  • CASHLESS OPERATIONS: The Alamodome has transitioned to a cashless operation. Most major credit cards are accepted for payment.


Posters and signs are not allowed into the Alamodome. Signs may not be affixed or hung anywhere in the facility.

Prohibited Items

The Alamodome reserves the right to prohibit any item deemed dangerous or unsuitable by Alamodome Security.

Prohibited Items – For the safety of our guests and employees, the following are not allowed into the Alamodome:

  • Alcohol                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Animals (except service animals to aid guests with disabilities)
  • Ballons (helium, air filled or deflated)
  • Bottles, cans, and beverage containers of any kind*
  • Cameras with detachable lenses or lenses longer than 3” when extended
  • Chairs, stools or other seating devices
  • Chains (metal)
  • Costumes (dangerous in nature) including nunchucks, pitchforks, sling blades, axes, swords, whips, nooses, etc.)
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Firearms
  • Flasks
  • Inflatable objects (including footballs)
  • Knives or Multi Tools (pocketknives, switchblades, lock-blades, throwing stars, scissors)
  • Large Purses or Backpacks
  • Large Hats or Signs
  • Laser Pointers or Laser Pens
  • Mace (pepper or tear gas)
  • Noisemakers
  • Outside food or beverage*
  • Poles, sticks or rods of any kind
  • Posters and Signs
  • Sealed packages of any kind
  • Swords (Plastic, Metal)
  • Tripods, monopods and selfie sticks
  • Video Cameras/Recording Device (including GoPro devices)

*Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs.

No remote controlled vehicles including cars and unmanned aircraft (drones) are authorized to operate on Alamodome property. 

Re-Entry Policy

The Alamodome has a no re-entry policy.


There are public restrooms (men, women and family) conveniently located on all levels of the Alamodome. All restrooms meet or exceed ADA specifications. 


To create a safer environment for all guests, magnetometers (walk-through metal detectors) are used at all public entrances for every event. Guests are asked to remove any metallic items during the magnetometer screening process, including cameras, keys and cell phones at all points of entry. All bags and purses will also be screened. 


Strollers are permitted at the Alamodome.  However, their use cannot inhibit guest movement or block any aisles.  Smaller, umbrella-style strollers can be stored underneath a seat as long as it does not create an obstruction for other guests.  Larger stroller can be checked at the nearest Guest Services Center located at the north or south plaza entrances.


A Luxury Suite at the Alamodome gives you exceptional opportunities to have the best seats for concerts, comedy shows, and sporting events while leaving a lasting impression with your valued clients, employees, family, and friends. Suite locations and prices vary depending upon the type of event and the show configuration.

The Alamodome has 52, club level, luxury suites for the ultimate viewing and entertainment experience. Suites have 16 fixed stadium seats with room for 4 additional guests on a standing room only basis. Premier events are enjoyed from the private luxury of Alamodome suites with catering services provided by our in-house food and beverage provider.  Contact suitesales@alamodome.com for individual event pricing and availability. 


PLEASE NOTE: Tailgating is not available for High School Football Playoff Games at the Alamodome.

UTSA Football and Valero Alamo Bowl Tailgating guidelines:

All guests wishing to tailgate at the Alamodome must observe the following guidelines. These guidelines have been developed to provide a fair, reasonable and safe tailgating experience for guests. Tailgating is permitted on football and baseball event days only*. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of tailgating privileges and ejection from the parking lot. All vehicles entering the Alamodome parking lots are subject to a security/safety inspection before being allowed to park

Alamodome Parking Lots will open 4 hours+ prior to the beginning of the event on game day and remain open one hour after game ends. Each space occupied for tailgating must have a permit.

The following is a list of regulations set by Alamodome officials:

1. Tailgating is defined as the placement of any item on the ground (chairs, canopies, coolers, grills, games, etc.)
2. All guests must follow the directions and instructions provided by Alamodome personnel (parking staff, security, police, etc.).
3. Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted.
4. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Saving or reserving spots is not allowed. If you would like to tailgate near friends, please arrive together. Guests wishing to tailgate using 2 or more parking spaces and want them to be contiguous should arrive early.
5. Tailgating is restricted to the space in front or behind your vehicle, as designated by the parking space lines.
6. Traffic aisles and other parking spaces must be kept free of tailgating equipment to allow for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
7. RV’s, buses, and oversized vehicles will be required to purchase aparking permit for each occupied space.
8. For safety, patrons may not stand, sit, or congregate on the tops of vehicles, busses, RV’s or other structures.
9. Generators that create excessive noise or harmful fumes are prohibited. (As determined by Alamodome staff.)
10. Tailgaters must ensure that tents and canopies are anchored appropriately by utilizing sandbags, water barrels, or weights. (Unanchored tents/canopies can easily be blown over and present a safety hazard and/or may cause damage to property). DO NOT anchor by placing stakes.
11. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted for persons age 21 and older.
12. Glass containers are not permitted.
13. Grills with charcoal, wood and propane are permitted. Fires built on the ground or in open fire pits are prohibited.
14. All cooking equipment shall be situated away from crowds, vehicles and combustible materials. A minimum clearance distance of 3 feet is required.
15. LP-gas cooking appliances shall be UL listed and approved for use. LP-gas cylinders shall be secured in an upright position to keep from falling and positioned to prevent impact from vehicle traffic. Portable generators are not to be filled while running and fuel must be in a UL listed safety can (2 gal. max). Portable generators and fuel must be stored away from cooking appliances.
16. Coals must be disposed of in the designated coal containers located throughout the lots. Do not dump coals or store stoves on the grass, parking areas, under or around vehicles.
17. A fire extinguisher must accompany each group using a cooking appliance and a person knowledgeable in it's operation must constantly monitor cooking appliances when hot.
18. Food or beverages are not allowed to be taken into the Alamodome.
19. Children must be supervised at all times and may not play in the traffic areas.
20. In order to ensure the safety of our patrons, golf carts, Segways, motorized coolers, all other types of motorized recreational vehicles, skateboards, bicycles, or large balloons will not be allowed for use by patrons in the parking lots.
21. Dispose of trash in the designated receptacles.
22. Portable toilets are located in Lots B and C.
23. All tents, chairs, etc. must be put away before entering the Alamodome.
24. Parking lots will be patrolled. All violations are subject to ticketing and removal from the premises.

The following items/activities are prohibited:
1. Deep fryers or any oil-based cooking or frying
2. Open flame fires of any kind.
3. Disorderly conduct, including public intoxication.
4. Picketing, political campaigning or soliciting/distribution of any kind.
5. Saving of parking or tailgating spaces.
6. Weapons and fireworks.
7. The solicitation, selling or marketing of any foods, beverages, sports paraphernalia or other merchandise is prohibited.
8. Amplified sound systems or the use of radios/audio devices at loud levels.

*Authorization for tailgating activities in conjunction with other Alamodome events may be obtained from Alamodome administration.
+Lot opening times may be adjusted with approval of Alamodome Administration.

Taxi stand

Drop-off Zone (Ride Share • Taxi • Limo)

The ride share/taxi drop-off and pick-up zone is available for quick access in Lot D located at Tower of the Americas Way (southbound I-37 access road) between Montana and César E. Chávez Blvd.

Ride Share Zone Address:

500 Tower of Americas Way

San Antonio, TX 78205

Drop-off and Pick-up at this location is the safest and quickest area for ride share, taxis, and limo access. There is a pedestrian walkway that leads directly from this location to the security checkpoint on the North Plaza of the Alamodome, Access Control Point (ACP A).
Download or print directions to Alamodome Lots (PDF Document)

Text Messaging Service

Guests needing assistance or information during an event, can text the keyword ALAMO to 69050 with their request and location. By using the event day text messaging service, guests are able to report issues and concerns, ask for information and call for assistance in a fast, easy and convenient way.  Text messages are received by a stadium representative and the appropriate assistance is dispatched. 

Tickets (online and by phone)

Ticketmaster is the official and sole source ticketing resource for Alamodome events. They also offer fan resale tickets that are verified and guaranteed to be legitimate.

To purchase, please visit www.ticketmaster.com, any Ticketmaster outlet or call them at 1-800-745-3000.

The Alamodome Box Office is  strictly a walk up service (Mon.-Fri., 10AM-5PM). The Alamodome Box Office does not accept phone orders.

PLEASE NOTE: the Alamodome does not offer customer service for tickets purchased through third party vendors (scalpers). Patrons holding duplicate or fake tickets are not allowed into the building. We encourage all fans to purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.

Tobacco Policy

The City of San Antonio has designated the Alamodome as a tobacco and smoke-free building. This includes all forms of smoking and tobacco use, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, smokeless tobacco and tobacco pipes. There will be no designated smoking areas anywhere inside the Alamodome. The tobacco and smoke-free environment extends 300 feet from the Alamodome. 


Patrons are allowed to keep umbrellas under their seat, if they will not interfere with the foot space of other patrons. Umbrellas can also be checked into Guest Services near, Section 101, until the end of your event.

Video Recorders

Video recording is not permitted during Alamodome events.

Wanding Policy

As part of the Alamodome’s security initiatives, all guests are required to be screened via metal detectors before entering the Alamodome.

Metal detectors are located at all Alamodome entrances. Once guests have been screened and have had their bag checked, they will have their ticket scanned. The Alamodome strongly urges all guests to budget additional time for entry into the Alamodome when planning their visits.

Before proceeding through metal detectors, guests will be required to remove cell phones, cameras and any large metal objects from their pockets and place them in a smaller-sized plastic container, which will be visually inspected along with their bag, by security personnel at a screening table alongside the metal detector. A guest's belongings will remain in proximity to the guest throughout the screening process, and the guest can pick up his or her belongings at the end of the screening table once he or she has proceeded through the metal detector. The removal of belts, jackets and shoes IS NOT required.

Pursuant to security requirements, all guests, including children, must be screened. Infants and toddlers may be carried through the metal detectors; those children who are able to walk may be asked to walk through on their own. Those guests who choose not to or who are unable to go through a walk-through metal detector have the option of being manually checked with a hand-held metal detector.

If the device detects items that require further inspection, guests will be directed to the side, where they will be screened via a hand-held metal detector. When the items in question are discovered, guests will be asked to present them for further inspection. Any item or property that could affect the safety of the Alamodome, its occupants or its property shall not be permitted into the Alamodome. The facility reserves the right to prohibit or require removal of any items at their sole and absolute discretion. Any person that could affect the safety of the Alamodome, its occupants or its property shall be denied entry.

Wheelchair Assistance (inside building)

A limited number of wheelchairs are available for transporting guests from the stadium entrances to their seating location.  Guests are asked to supply their own wheelchair if they need one for the duration of the event.  Guests may arrange for wheelchair assistance by contacting an event staff member at any entrance.  Guests needing assistance following an event should contact the nearest event staff member or security personnel.