Box Office Services

Alamodome Box Office Hours:

Standard business hours are Monday through Friday – 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (excluding City of San Antonio holidays).

Tickets for certain shows are available only at the Alamodome Box Office on the day of the event. The Alamodome Box Office does not charge the additional fees or taxes associated with online ticket purchases. A standard facility fee is added to all ticket prices whether purchased online or at the Alamodome Box Office. Check the event's description webpage for day of show Box Office hours. 

The Alamodome Box Office is a walk-up service only. Standard business hours are Monday through Friday – 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (excluding City of San Antonio holidays).

Methods of Payment Accepted:  The Alamodome Box Office can accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Cardholder must present valid identification for all credit card purchases. We do not accept checks as a method of payment.

The Alamodome Box Office does not sell tickets by phone. For issues or questions related to tickets purchased at the Alamodome Box Office or for general inquiries, call 210-704-6306.

COVID Refunds
Any customers who have purchased tickets from the Alamodome Box Office for the following cancelled events; Selena XXV, Kenny Chesney or Luke Bryant , have until 4pm on Monday August 8th, 2022 to return their tickets for a refund. The refund window for tickets purchased via has already closed.

General Refund Policy
All ticket sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges on any tickets for a event.  If an event is cancelled or rescheduled, please contact the original point of purchase for a refund. For ticket purchases made directly at the Alamodome Box Office, you may request a refund by returning your ticket to the Alamodome Box Office within 90 days from the date the event was cancelled. Any requests received after the 90 day period or without the issued ticket will be denied.

Additional Information
Please review our FAQ section below for additional Box Office Service details:

Q: What is the difference between purchasing tickets through versus through the Alamodome Box Office?

A: The Alamodome box office does utilize Ticketmaster systems and has the same inventory of seats (except resale tickets) as, but our box office’s walk-up service does not charge Ticketmaster’s online service charges or the order processing fee. Please note, an Alamodome facility fee is added to each ticket, whether online or at our box office.

Q: What are your box office hours of operation?

A:  The Alamodome box office is open Monday through Friday, from 10 AM to 4 PM, on the SW corner of the Alamodome. Closed on most city holidays. 

On an event day, we are usually open at least one hour prior to the doors opening time and remain open until we approach the end of the event.

Q: Is the Alamodome box office able to sell tickets for events at other venues?

A: Yes, we sell tickets for other venues operated by the City of San Antonio, such as the Lila Cockrell Theatre, The Carver Center (Jo Long Theatre & Little Carver Theatre), and the occasional ticketed event at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

Q. What am I paying for besides the ticket price?

A. The Alamodome adds a facility fee to each ticket. The fee varies per event. This facility fee is also added to the Ticketmaster online ticket prices at checkout.

Q: I see different tickets available online, does the box office have access to those seats?

A: The Alamodome box office is affiliated only with Ticketmaster, though we do not have access to “Verified Resale” tickets on Please verify that you are on, and not a third-party ticket sales website. Be advised that third-party ticket sellers (Vivid Seats, Stub Hub, etc.) sell event tickets for more than face value. Also, we do not have access to their data, and thus cannot assist you if you encounter a problem with your ticket purchase should you decide to buy tickets outside of Ticketmaster.

Q. Why won’t Ticketmaster or your box office allow me to purchase more than a certain number of tickets?

A. Some events have a ticket limit; you may purchase as many tickets per day as the limit allows.

Q: How can I verify if a third-party ticket seller’s tickets are legitimate?

A: There is no action we can perform to verify third party ticket authenticity until the ticket is scanned at the entry gate.

Q: I bought my ticket from a third-party ticket vendor, and they didn’t send me my tickets. Can you retrieve them for me?

A: No, we are unable to retrieve ticket accounts from a third party. Please check your email for a link to the tickets from the third-party vendor. If you don’t have one, contact the ticket vendor immediately.

Q: I have a coupon for an event. Is it valid?

A: Always read the fine print on your coupon, and always bring it with you at time of purchase. The fine print, in most cases, will tell you what event days the coupon is eligible for use, when, where, and how to redeem the coupon, expiration dates, as well as offer limitations and ticket limits. Unless the coupon/code is an “online only” promotion, please present coupon at our box office to redeem. We must retain the coupon for auditing purposes.

Q. Is there a discount on tickets for groups?

A. Occasionally. Please contact the Alamodome for group sales information.

Q: Do you offer discounts on your event tickets?

A: Discounts are usually not offered, but each event is different. Please don’t hesitate to ask if we are offering any discounted tickets for the event you’re interested in attending.

Q: My tickets are at will call, what do I do to retrieve them?

A: In most cases, they will be in the Northeast box office once it opens on event day, otherwise they will be in the Southwest box office. For UTSA football games, each box office has a different will call. It helps to know how your tickets were purchased or arranged, and to have your order number and ID on you so we can assist in researching your ticket order if needed.

Q: May I give my will call to someone else?

A: No. We cannot accept/distribute will call for anyone unless they are a credentialed event collaborator.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: All major credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. The credit card owner must be present to sign for the purchase, and we always verify identification. If you do not have photo identification, or are not the credit card owner, we are unable to accept the credit card as a form of payment. We also accept cash.

Q: May I use my spouse’s/parent’s credit card?

A: Unfortunately, no. We will not accept any credit card if the cardholder is not present with a valid photo ID.

Q. May I pay using an app?

A. No, we do not currently accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, Cash App, etc.

Q: I have digital tickets. Can you print them out for me, or can I print them at home? May I use a screenshot of the ticket with the barcode?

A: No. Your digital ticket must display a rolling barcode (which changes approximately every ten seconds). This means we cannot accept a ticket printed on paper or accept a screenshot of the ticket on your mobile device. However, if you are having issues displaying the rolling barcodes on your mobile device, the box office will assist you.

Q: May I pay part of the ticket transaction with cash and pay the balance with my credit card, or pay with two different credit cards?

A: No, we regret the Ticketmaster system does not allow partial payments.

Q: When I buy my tickets at the Alamodome box office, why do I have to initial my tickets?

A: The ticket seller assisting you should review the tickets with you before you leave, so that both of you may verify that you are being given the event tickets you’ve chosen, and/or potentially catch a mistake we may have made. Your initials on your event tickets are proof of your verification, like signing a contract.

Q: May I exchange/upgrade my tickets?

A: The Ticketmaster system does not allow for exchanges or upgrades, but, if necessary, please ask and we may be able to assist you in some way.

Q: I lost my ticket(s) that I bought at the box office. Are you able to reprint it for me?

A: If you would provide our staff with specific information with regards to your ticket purchase, we may be able to track down your sales transaction. Please provide us with as much information as possible, such as the day you purchased the tickets, your bank statement showing the charge, the credit card you used to buy the tickets with, the police report if the tickets were stolen, etc. If we can verify your transaction through our records, we are likely able to assist you. Please see our box office with this information as soon as possible, as researching your transaction takes time.

Q: The event I bought tickets to has been cancelled. How do I get my money back?

A: Please return to your point of purchase for your refund. If your transaction was done through, they will refund you automatically, but it may take a few days for the refund to appear on your credit card.

Q: Does my infant need a ticket for entry, even if they are not going to take up a seat?

A: Please ask at what age we begin charging patrons for tickets for the event you’re interested in before you make your purchase, as each event is different. Some events will charge everyone for entry, including infants.

Q: How may I purchase seats with wheelchair accessibility or seats for patrons with limited mobility?

A: We can assist you with these ticket requests in person at our box office, or you may buy online at Accessible seating is marked accordingly on the icon legend on the web page. For example, semi-ambulatory accessible seating is reserved for patrons who have trouble traversing stairs. For wheelchair accessible seating, there are seats reserved for patrons who use wheelchairs, scooters, etc. Individuals requiring limited mobility or wheelchair accessible seating may purchase up to three companion tickets in the accessible area, (limit one accessible seat and one companion seat for events with a high demand for ADA seating). For ADA guidelines and regulations visit website.

Q: How do I arrange American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter for the event I’ll be attending?

A: Should you require an ASL interpreter for one of our events, please complete the Contact Us Information Form and let us know about your ASL interpreter request in the comments section.

Once this information is sent to us, someone will contact you within the next 48 hours.

Requests for ASL interpreters must be recieved two weeks prior to event date.