Disabled Services

Wheelchair accessible seating areas vary by event. Tickets sold are limited to a spot for the wheelchair/disabled patron and one (1) companion seat. Please contact Ticketmaster for information and availability of accessible seating. Visit www.ticketmaster.com or call 1-800-653-8000.

Facility Wheelchair Service

The Alamodome provides (TRANSPORTATION ONLY) wheelchair assistance from INSIDE our facility doors to the patron’s ticketed seat and back to our exit doors after the event concludes. The patron IS NOT able to keep the wheelchair throughout the event and Alamodome wheelchairs CANNOT exit the building. Wheelchair rentals are not available at the Alamodome. Ask a nearby usher for wheelchair transportation service assistance.

Disabled Parking Services

For directions to disabled parking, view the map below or visit the parking information page.

Disabled Parking

There are 113 designated Disability Access (DA) spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis for vehicles with a valid Disabled Person ID placard (blue or red) or license plate. Event Parking Rate does apply. These spaces are located in Lot A (See map below).

All disabled spaces will be charged the event parking rate. For larger attendance events, there will be a designated Disabled Overflow area which will be made available to people with a Disabled ID placard or license plate at the prevailing event rate.

Disabled Veteran Parking

In accordance with Texas State Law, vehicles with the following license plates receive complimentary parking in any of the lots allowing paid parking, if being used in the transportation of the person who registered the license plate: Disabled Veteran, Congressional Medal of Honor, Former POW, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, or Navy Cross.