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Green Initiatives

The Alamodome has become one of a growing number of facilities across the United States to “go green.” All divisions of the Alamodome including Operations, Maintenance and Event Services have implemented initiatives to maximize the energy and water efficiency of the Alamodome.

Since 2006, In addition to procedures implemented in 2006 like the implementation of , the facility has gone the extra mile and added substantial recycling programs, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and energy-saving initiatives.

Part of the “going green” initiative means purchasing environmentally sensitive cleaning supplies, which are now cost-comparable and equally effective to conventional cleaning products, reducing the amount of chemicals used, and using equipment that utilizes less chemicals and as importantly – less water.

Current Green Initiatives

Since 2006, the CSEF has recycled more than 70 tons of paper each year. Estimated results of these efforts are calculated in approximate resources conserved annually.

  • 1,329 trees
  • 547,050 gallons of water
  • 4,689 lbs of air pollution
  • 320,415 kW hours of electricity
  • 258 cu yards of landfill space

Currently, all Alamodome offices, employee break rooms and workspaces are equipped with recycling bins to commingle items including office paper, aluminum cans, plastic, and glass.

In 2009, the Alamodome invested in new recycling containers and other program enhancements including two single stream recycling compactors, allowing the department greater recycling capabilities. A strict cardboard recycling policy is in effect for all decorators/contractors. Recycling compactors are easily accessed and clearly marked. Any vendor found placing cardboard in the trash dumpster is notified of the violation and asked to comply. Approximately 900 cu yds of cardboard are recycled per year.

Other recyclable products include:

  • Polyurethane foam (carpet padding)
  • Wooden pallets
  • Scrap metal
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Aluminum

Whenever possible, the Alamodome pursues conservation policies related to energy and water. Alamodome staff practice stringent energy conservation. Lights, air conditioning, and escalators are scheduled at reduced or off settings when areas of the facilities are not in use. The facility’s Performance Contracting Initiative utilizes expert recommendations to assist the Alamodome in maximizing its conservation efforts and realizing savings as a result of these system efficiencies.