Fun Facts


Do you think you know your dimensions around the Alamodome?  Take a guess, then click on each item below to reveal the answer.

Dimensions to the inside of the outside wall

560 ft wide, 736 ft long

Height from plaza to ceiling

160 ft

Height from field level to ceiling (Below ground level)

180 ft

Height to top of mast from Plaza

288 ft

Height to top of mast from field level (Below ground level)

308 ft

Distance from plaza level to low end of roof

154 ft

Distance from field level to low end of roof (Below ground level)


Dimensions of floor space units to units (closed)

343 ft x 506 ft

Dimensions of floor space units to units (open)

256 ft x 401 ft

Average arena configuration floor rail North to South, units out

118 ft average

Distance east and west units come out


Distance north and south units come out


Cubic feet inside to inside walls

76,608,000 cubic feet.  This would hold 573,027,840 gallons of water.  That is 17,907,120 tons in water.

Alamodome By the Numbers

  • 240 tons of chiller for ice rink
  • 13 miles of piping under each ice rink
  • 1,600,000 sq feet under roof
  • 400 Horse Power for each of the two boilers
  • 7 Elevators per column
  • 2 Freight Elevators per column
  • 2 Escalators per column
  • 3,699 total kilowatt output by back-up generators (3 generators at 1,233 kw each)
  • 1500 Horse power in each generator
  • 961 Doors in Alamodome
  • 46 full time staff
  • 135+ part time staff
  • 57 acres
  • 672,000 pavers around the building (216,000 sq. ft.)
  • 88 restrooms
  • 16 meeting rooms
  • 2836 parking spaces
  • 55 designated handicap parking spaces
  • 4 outside business call Alamodome home
  • 7 first aid rooms
  • 25 permanent concession stands